Supporting music learners in China, who desire fundamental Western Classical Music knowledge.


We serve frustrated Chinese music learners who waste months finding teachers, who are stuck with out-of-date learning materials and are not becoming well-rounded musicians.


We serve music learners in China, who need fundamental Western Classical Music knowledge. Our online courses offer our customers high-quality, reliable and structured learning, using pre-recorded videos and written content.


There are currently 35 million piano learners in China; 40% (12M) of them live in tier-1 cities (i.e. Beijing/Shanghai/Guangzhou/Shenzhen), where online education is most popular; among them, I estimate 15% (1.8M) would use our platform at least once. Similar products on the market, e.g. HKIVS (online violin masterclasses) and The One (online practice partners) have both grown exponentially and reached 1 million users within 2 years. This proves that there is a constant and strong demand for online music education products.


UN Sustainable Development Goals

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