Make cooking at home as easy and as tasty as a takeaway.


37% of ‘generation foodie’ struggle with limited cooking skills, yet a third of them want more variety in their daily diets. All existing products either cater to those who can’t cook, but with limited variety; or they help add variety to the meals of people with advanced cooking skills.


Our products combine well-known flavours to create unique fusion sauces, which were developed specifically to taste delicious with the widest range of ingredients possible. Additionally, they can be used as marinades, cooking sauces or condiments, meaning no matter how use them, or with what level of skill, your meals will always come out amazing.


Our current customers are self-proclaimed foodies who shop at speciality retailers and actively seek new products online. Our target markets are those of cooking sauces and condiments, worth £1.45bn in UK grocery channels. Initially, we are targeting the market for ‘other cuisines cooking sauces’ which saw sales growth of 72% since last year.


  • Renad Sheraif – Founder and Chief Everything Officer
  • Rekha Mehr – Advisor

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