Vivum Health

Streamlining patient-doctor interaction.


An increasing life-expectancy in emerging economies has raised the rate of noncommunicable diseases. Current patient pathways are healthcare infrastructure dependent, placing a detrimental burden on staff and clinicians, leading to patient backlogs, high medical costs, and reduced quality of life.


Vivum Health streamlines access to healthcare by relieving stress on local healthcare infrastructures through remote pre-screening and admitting patients, optimising resources through real-time patient-doctor feedback and relaying public health insights.


The application is free to download for health providers and patients. Health providers pay a subscription fee based on their number of patients. After initial growth, other revenue streams are possible: micro health insurance, real-time public health data analytics, integrated payment systems.


Kopfadeyemi Fellowship African Healthcare Challenge Runner Up


  • Maximilian Kerz – Co-founder
  • Herkulano Campos – Co-founder

UN Sustainable Development Goals

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