Vitæ (Previously HydroGrow)

High-tech smart sustainable gardens for growing fresh and organic herbs.


The dissatisfaction with the freshly-grown food industry, characterized by low food quality, lack of taste of fresh greens & accessibility to organic plants.


A space-saving smart garden made from 100% recycled plastic! “The Halo” uses advanced hydroponic tech to grow plants 40% faster using 90% less water and is sold 40% cheaper than its competition.


FSB Celebrating Small Businesses Awards 2022 (Winners, Sustainability Category)
Enactus UK National competition finalists 2020 and 2022
TATA Varsity Pitch 2021 (Winners, Sustainability Category)
Ford Start-up Competition 2021 (Overall winners)
Entrepreneurship Institute’s Idea Factory 2021 (Peoples choice awards winners)
Unilever Our planet, Our future 2021 (Finalists)
SAP’s Start-up Competition (Finalists)


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UN Sustainable Development Goals

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