Sustainability-as-a-Service for e-commerce businesses.


Most businesses are facing consumer pressure to go more sustainable, but their options for doing so are costly, slow, ineffective, and confusing.


We serve e-commerce businesses who are looking to tap into conscious consumerism. Our service, Verdn, offers our customers an effortless way to be more sustainable through a 5-minute software integration that lets them attach high-value environmental impacts directly onto product sales.


Our target customers are e-commerce stores, i.e. businesses selling online. E-commerce is a $3.5 trillion market, and it’s expected to double already by 2023. In the long-run, Verdn is agnostic to all e-commerce, and our mission as it stands is to integrate with 10,000 businesses selling products and services on the web. Our short-run ambition is a lot more restrained; 4% market penetration among the 25,000 e-commerce stores within fashion/lifestyle with Alexa search ranks between 100k and 10 million. In other words: 1,000 stores integrated with Verdn, all of them profitable. Still, at this point the opportunity is already exciting: at just 10 transactions per day from each store, and an average impact size of $3, Verdn would have revenues of $930,000 per month.


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