Uwana Energy

Provides solar energy to small businesses on credit, enabling them to avoid high upfront solar costs and stay productive during Nigeria frequent power lapses.


Over 80 million Nigerians routinely have their lives suspended as the national grid yanks electricity from buildings, forcing them to spend exorbitant amounts on fuel for generators. Fuel generators are hazardous, unreliable, and expensive but they are denied reasonable financing that would enable them to overcome the high upfront cost of solar energy.


We power small businesses and residences with our affordable solar power boxes, enabling customers to drastically reduce their time and money expenditure. We connect users to solar loans so Nigerians can access clean, constant energy regardless of their income. These financial partnerships ensure that customers can pay instalmentally whilst we are paid outright and can remotely restrict energy access if a user defaults on their payment obligations to our partner. This removes the biggest barrier to solar proliferation whilst supporting low-income Nigerians in building up a credit history.


Lagos Innovates Venture workspace vouchers – $3,500
Sahara Impact Fund – $3,000
Northeastern Women Who Empower Fund – $10,000
Northeastern’s GAP Fund – $7,500
All On/USADF Energy Challenge – $100,000


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