UniMate helps University students reach their academic goals by giving them a better idea of where they stand throughout their degree.


The problem we are solving is one many University students face throughout their degree – knowing where they stand academically. There is no uniform way for students to keep track of their grades, which can impact their overall performance and mental health. Not only did we suffer from this problem ourselves, but so did the 600 students we surveyed. Our results confirmed that while over 90% of students believe it’s important to know what classification they’re on track for, almost half of them did not know how to calculate it.


Our solution is UniMate, a mobile app for University students. With UniMate, students can log their grades, modules, assignments and deadlines. The app then shows them what they’re currently on track for and helps them understand what they need to achieve their desired marks and classification, by simply inputting their grades into the UniMate app. After having bootstrapped the app and launched in November 2020, we now have over 19,000 users from over 200 different universities worldwide and are currently working on a premium version.


KCL – Idea Factory Competition Winners (March 2021)
CodeFirstGirls – Disruptor Award (Sept 2021)
Enterprise Nation Young Innovators Pitch Competition – Second Place (Nov 2021)


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