Analysis of your digital footprint and public opinion in one click.


With the increased online participation and adoption of digital processes, consumers are making feelings about their experiences public. There is no easy way to analyse all digital platforms and content leading to a lack of understanding regarding public opinion and sentiment.


TIFY provides a solution as easy as a Google search, without fears of GDPR compliant, algorithmic bias or data misuse. We have built an ethical approach to campaign and customer experience analysis, that utilize accurate AI-based sentiment analysis while complying with all data regulations.


The worldwide spending on customer experience management is predicted to grow at an exponential CAGR of 18.5% from $6.2B in 2019 and $23.9B in 2026. Especially with the current global situation marketing spend is now prioritised for new online tools, data and a push towards social media.


We have received recognition from EY and The Tab Founders 30- Top 10 Finalist, Grad Venture Finalist 2019 and The Next Web T500 Amsterdam 2019. Recently, we have been part of the Female Founders residents at Google for Startups, which in turn has secured us features in publications such as Forbes, Wired!, and the Evening Standard.


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