The Golden Circle

Helping students to achieve their academic potential and realise success.


School doesn’t work for everyone. For children who are talented in sport, arts or music, are highly academic, or have special educational needs, school doesn’t bring out their best. We set out to build an alternative to school which personalises learning and offers flexibility.


The Golden Circle is the UK’s first professional home schooling group. We are a network of 300 qualified teachers who deliver home schooling and after school tuition in London. In addition to traditional academic subjects, we deliver lessons on entrepreneurship, critical thinking and current affairs.


Our home school families see professional home schooling as a better alternative to top independent schools. There are 530, 000 children attending independent UK schools. The average cost of professional home schooling is £35k/year. The total UK market size is therefore worth £18.5bn.


In the last 12 months, we have featured in national newspapers including The Guardian, The Telegraph, Telegraph Luxury magazine, Tatler, and The Good Schools Guide.


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