The Ambassador Platform (previously The Access Platform)

Connecting student ambassadors with prospective students anywhere in the world to build trusted connections.


Universities are operating in an increasingly marketised sector and are now forced to compete fiercely for students. While they have large budgets for marketing and student recruitment, but often lack the expertise to effectively target the necessary demographic.


The Access Platform draws on the power of peer-to-peer, student-to-student conversations, user-generated content, and friendly, no-nonsense answers. Peer recruitment offers universities the opportunity to engage with prospective students in a genuinely new way; one which is not limited by traditional boundaries of language, culture, and geography.


Our customers are universities (and higher education institutions and organisations more broadly). They regularly spend £10k+ on individual market campaigns, and up to six-figure sums on the procurement and implementation of other recruitment management tools (such as a CRM).


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