Smile is a mental health app for people managing chronic health conditions. 


There are 19 million people in the UK managing chronic, physical health conditions and research shows they are 3 times more likely to develop anxiety or depression than average. Poor mental health means they are less likely to adhere to treatment and more likely to have worse physical health outcomes, costing the NHS up to £13bn per year. 

Yet 96% people in our trials were offered no mental health support after diagnosis, despite 89% struggling with anxiety and low mood. There is currently not an evidence based, expert led mental health app tailored to the complex needs of this community. 


Smile provides evidence-based, expert-led mental health content, tailored to the needs of patients and carers managing chronic health conditions. 

They can access written, video and audio content to help them feel calmer, more in control and able to live well alongside their physical health challenges. We also offer 1-2-1 bookings with mental health professionals, live workshops and personalised pathways. 

The app incorporates five therapeutic areas, delivered by our team of psychologists, counsellors and holistic experts. 

The NHS predicts incorporating mental health support into the treatment of long-term health conditions could save £1700 per patient, per year. Digital health apps are an affordable, accessible way to deliver this, and Smile is addressing this growing need. 


1st place of Barclays EagleLabs AccelarateHer Science & Medtech, South of England 
David Walsh Award 


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