Smart Thinking

The first organisation to bring together policy recommendations of all UK think tanks into one place.


Before Smart Thinking, accessing the latest policy ideas required knowing who the think tanks were, what areas they researched and then going to each website to see if they had recently published on that topic. With the Smart Thinking website, you can now find the latest reports and events on a topic in one place.


We provide services to companies and policymakers who want easy access to policy; job seekers who want to work for a think tank; and the sector as a whole who increasingly want an industry voice. Our platform offers our customers access to policy, networking and job opportunities by access to our network, regular newsletters and a large library of reports, events and job opportunities.


Our market is organisations and people who want to create and access policies generated by think tanks. While there are thousands of think tanks, Smart Thinking is a unique platform that facilitates access to their content. Our first target customers are the think tanks. We already provide resources for them and will develop this into a membership proposition for the sector. Our second targets are those looking for a career in think tanks. We plan to create a think tank specific jobs board. Our final targets will be corporates. We plan to offer briefings and events where we bring a number of think tanks together. From Emily’s previous experience working in think tank business development, we know this market stretches from FTSE100 companies to SMEs who work closely with the government.


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