Regal Gentlemen

The new era of men’s grooming.


Regal Gentleman addresses three key problems currently in men’s grooming. Firstly, a lack of natural, organic products at a fair price that’s packaged in a masculine way. There’s also a lack of real education in the male grooming sector and beauty is still seen as a very feminine industry.


We are at first creating a hair styling range that will be using organic extracts, natural plant extracts and no parabens/artificial colouring. We will educate our audience as to the best products for them, how they should be using them and which haircuts will suit them via our blog and Youtube channel.


Our primary target audience are males aged 24–35. The men’s hair styling market is now valued at $5 billion worldwide. Men’s grooming as a whole is estimated to reach $60 billion by 2020.


Featured in GQ, Men’s Health, Shortlist and Esquire
Judges for the Men’s Awards in the beauty shortlist
20th in the Men’s Grooming Top 50 Blogs Award
1,500+ Customers
Social media community of 50,000


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UN Sustainable Development Goals

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