Project Access International (previously Project Access)

Unlocking top universities for less privileged students.


Top universities have a highly significant role in shaping our global leadership – from MPs to top academics to entrepreneurs – however, access to top universities today is extremely unequal. Students from less privileged backgrounds lack role models that can inspire them to pursue their academic potential, they lack the application resources needed to write competitive applications, and they lack proper guidance on enrolling and succeeding at university.


We’ve created a peer-to-peer mentorship program matching students from less privileged backgrounds with a mentor from their own country studying their dream degree at their dream university, who can act as both a role model and an application expert. Our program is highly scaleable thanks to a combination of tech and an army of impact-minded volunteers.


We serve high-achieving students from all over the world who meet our screening criteria for grades and barriers faced. To power our operations, we create recruitment partnerships with leading companies (e.g. McKinsey, BCG, EY), with a market of millions of pounds.


WeWork Creator Awards Winner – £54,000
Hatch Colab Accelerator
UNLEASH+ Winner – $5,000
The Collective Accelerator
Oxford Hub Diversity and Inclusion Award
David Walsh Scholarship Winner – £10,000


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