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A 5th Emergency Assistance for Families.


Slow response to emergencies and not enough focus on preventing diseases, only reacting and treating them once they arise. And part of the market barriers to providing quick emergency services is the fact that the healthcare system uses disparate data between all the different services and this data is not used to prevent diseases or emergencies, only to react to them.


Prodikta uses data analytics and deep tech to help people prevent risks to their health and safety. Through an app, wearables and IoT devices we understand the context of an emergency to react quickly and therefore, increase the survival rate.


TAM – Combined the total Health care spending ($8.7 Trillion), Wellness economy ($4.2 Trillion), and MedTech ($529.8 Billion). § SAM –Wellness Tourism ($639b), Fitness & Mind-body ($595b), Preventive & Personalised Medicine and Public Health ($575b), MedTech ($529.8b) § SOM – 1% of each SAM market size = Wellness Tourism ($6.39b), Fitness & Mind-body ($5.95b), Preventive Medicine ($5.75), and MedTech ($5.3b)


  • Gill Prates, Founder, CEO, UK.
  • Cynthia Tian, Developer, UK.
  • Robert Brooks, DevOps, US.
  • Dr.Catherine Breslin, Voice Tech, UK.
  • Dr. Nishanth Sastry, Research, UK.
  • Dimitri French, AWS, UK. Ben Morris, AWS, UK.

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