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The complete e-Learning package for schools.


Pupils are increasingly becoming bored with conventional e-Learning formats – either clicking from multiple choice options or through commercial worksheets. These are outdated, increasingly boring for students, difficult to digitise, and limit the creativity of students and teachers alike.


Prime Revision helps pupils to stay focused on their learning with resources in one, simple to use, and user-friendly platform. We also support teachers by reducing the time spent preparing, marking, and analysing in-class assessments and homework The platform improves the assessment process by making it more effective, efficient and flexible. Parents are also encouraged to be more engaged as Prime Revision takes learning beyond the classroom.


Prime Revision is a safe, secure and customisable e-learning platform for primary and secondary school pupils. It allows schools to add their own contents (questions, notes, worksheets, videos, and more), use pre-loaded content , facilitates digital marking and improves parental engagement.


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