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Skills-based talent marketplace providing a new framework for a candidate’s professional identity.


So far, most of the technologies that have been used in order to recruit people, specifically at the stages of pre-screening, shortlisting and assessment of candidates, relied on an analysis of the employment history, as manifested in candidate’s resume. As an outcome, many candidates who have better skillset, but not relevant employment history or skills in the CV, are often not selected for further assessment and evaluation. That contributed to inequality around employment opportunities, and limited not only the capacity of some candidates to get jobs that match their skills, but also the capacity of companies to find and hire the best candidates for their needs.


PitchMe introduces a SmartMe™ profile – a multilayered view of candidate’s skills created relying on a combination of traditional sources and digital traits, eliminating bias from candidate’s screening. We offer a digital dashboard for management of professional development that relies on skill-based dynamic presentation of the candidate, a continuous analysis of a job market and identification of educational opportunities that maximise candidate’s employability.PitchMe helps candidates and employers to adjust to the new structure of the job markets, support continuous process of reskilling and address the uncertainties of the future of work.


We operate in the major European tech hubs, in the US and CIS region. Target audiences such as SMEs with no internal HR team or recruitment budget, candidates with non-obvious career stories, and online education platforms benefit from our platform.


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