Enabling frictionless peer to peer support designed to connect and empower online communities.


47% of us don’t have a support network and can’t find the right people to reach our goals. This makes it harder to innovate, create successful businesses and can affect our mental wellbeing. Existing networking platforms don’t make it easy to get and provide real value from our networks and communities. This is due to a combination of design, platform purpose and a focus on individuals and closed groups rather than collaboration.


Pintro is a mobile app that makes it easy for people to ask for, give and receive support and introductions from their communities and networks. Features benefit individuals through opportunity and talent matching and allows community managers to identify and meet their members’ needs.


There are 2b professionals globally 660m professionals on LinkedIn generating £6.8B in revenue. We plan to target the 10.6m SME and start-up communities first (UK).


  • Danielle Dodoo (Founder and CEO)
  • Tigran Mnatsakanyan (CTO)
  • Two London Business School MBA interns focussed on R&D and Strategy

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UN Sustainable Development Goals

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