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Dedicated platform for parents of children with disabilities, providing much needed support and resources.


One million children in the UK are disabled and the current ‘system’ is a mess. No one is coordinating information or resources and preparing families for the turbulent journey ahead. The families with the least voice receive the least resource. 69% of families never receive any support (Disabled Children’s Partnerships, 2019).


Parent Suportal’s platform will consist of an online community (Mumsnet for disability), a bespoke and comprehensive information directory and a curated online shop. We will be the trusted partner of every disabled family helping them through all milestones from aged 0-25 years.


Our customers are parents of children with disabilities already in our network. Our initial target market is the 90,000 parents of children with Autism or physical disabilities in the North West of England. The estimated online spending power of disabled children’s families is £1.2bn p.a. in the UK.


Best Disability Support Service – North West


  • Sam Tebb – Founder
  • Sara O’Donnell – CIO
  • Simon Mohoalali – CTO

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