The smart way to arrange and capture medical and care training.


The quality of health and social care depends on training. We spend over £1bn to train doctors and around £30bn on adult social care. Yet essential face-to-face training has never been more challenged due to the impact of coronavirus. Student placement training has been restricted, whilst non covid19 medical and care cases continue to grow. ‘The need to maximise on the face-to-face training opportunities has never been greater’ (Four Nations Health Education 2020)


Oslr is a platform dedicated to medical and care training. Designed by Doctors and Social Workers, Oslr enables the instant arranging of training sessions in response to student requirements, adding in peer recommended resources, capturing attendance and feedback for continuous professional development.


The global medical education market is valued around 30Billion USD with an annual growth of 4% (zionmarketresearch 2018). There are 280,000 registered Doctors in UK, (BMA). Six thousand medical school students graduate each year, with a 25% year on year increase to 7.5K per by 2025 (the medic portal 2018). It costs £220K to train a medical student, giving a UK total of (6000 x 220000) = £1.3Bn rising to £1.65Bn. Universities and medical schools form the primary market. A 5% market share would equate to £620K yearly revenue


Oslr awards and grants include Health Education England, King’s20 Accelerator, JISC, UCL Hatchery and Innovate UK.


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