OBRIZUM Group Ltd.

Cloud-based adaptive learning powered by deep proprietary artificial intelligence technology.


There is less and less time available for people to create programmes of learning, and more and more information to be taught. Companies working in almost every sector are struggling to create learning programmes quickly enough to match their skills development needs.


OBRIZUM’s AI technology ensures that approaches to learning can morph to accommodate the inevitable changes to the ways we live and work. Our digital learning platform allows organisations to automatically build, curate, and deploy precision-personalised adaptive learning experiences. Build and curate courses in minutes, at scale, deliver individually tailored training powered by AI and make data-driven decisions with improved learning analytics.


Large corporate enterprise (>1,000 employees) in which nnual spend on learning and development can be anywhere between £100k and £3m.


Award for “AI Innovations of the year” 2019 at the Digital Leaders 100
Finalist in DL100 for Revolutionising the Personalisation of Learning 2019


  • Dr. Chibeza C. Agley, Chief – Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer
  • Dr. Juergen Fink – Co-Founder & Chief Operations Officer
  • Dr. Sarra Achouri – Co-Founder & Chief Delivery Officer
  • Oscar Forshaw-Swift – Head of OBRIZUM Media

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