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Online platform for fitness programs and live streamed exercise classes.


The COVID pandemic resulted in an explosion in the number of online fitness programs and classes available. Combining the increase in the number of online offerings with the fragmented nature of the online fitness – this market has made discovery difficult for both providers and consumers. Consumers have no way to explore, compare and read reviews of the available online programs or classes to find the right one for them.


NextSet is the discovery platform for online fitness. It allows customers to find and compare hundreds of online training programs and live and on-demand classes in one place. Fitness professionals can list their programs and classes on NextSet for free, gaining exposure and generating leads. Through our premium offering they are also able to sell their programs or classes directly off NextSet. You can think of us as creating the Tripadvisor of online fitness.


The global fitness industry is worth roughly £76 billion (2018). Our beachhead segment for NextSet premium are personal trainers who are looking to get set up quickly to sell their classes or programs online. There are roughly 700,000 personal trainers globally. Fitness enthusiasts who prior to COVID, spent money on gym memberships and studio classes and care about finding and comparing available online alternatives. Currently, there are over 10 million gym subscribers in the UK.


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