Empowering people with persistent pain to take control and lead happier and more productive lives.


Right now, half the adult population is living with persistent, disabling pain conditions (~28 million people in the UK, with an economic cost of ~£80 billion/year). They stop doing the things they love, turning up for work and spending time with friends and family. Rehabilitation is poor because the current approach to treatment is ‘one size fits all’.


MyPainScore is a feedback-based and AI-driven solution that delivers personalised care programmes for people with persistent pain to more effectively self-manage and enables healthcare professionals to monitor their progress at reduced cost.


There are ~1.5 billion people with chronic, disabling pain conditions worldwide, of which ~25% have back pain, ~25% have arthritis, ~17% have neuropathic pain, and the remaining 33% have other types of persistent pain, notably including migraine and fibromyalgia. Our business model is based on subscriptions, both B2C and B2B, with an average monthly revenue of £9.99/person.


Endorsement from the Royal College of GPs, Public Health Wales and Royal Pharmaceutical Society. Grant funding from Stefan Allesch-Taylor Scholarship and Runner up in the Imagine If…Innovation Forum 2019. Semi-finalist in the Tata Varsity NACUE competition 2019 and Recipient of 2020/21 Home Grown membership in association with the Women’s Entrepreneurship Programme at King’s College London.


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