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Balancing lifestyle and faith for the Muslim women.


68% of British Muslim women are defined as inactive in the labour market, with only 29% in employment despite being one of the highest subpopulations with graduate qualifications. Our research suggests the workaholic culture of society dissuades employment as Muslim women feel they must compromise on their mandatory religious duties.


The app Muslimah is designed as a platform with practical features to help address difficulties the average Muslim woman face with regards to practising their faith; with features such as a prayer space locator, Islamic menstrual cycle tracker and a modest wear directory.


The significantly young age profile of British Muslim women population (median age is 25 years compared to 40 in the overall population) and the demographic shift from younger age bands to adulthood and beyond provides opportunities for niche goods and services supplied by Muslimah.


  • Aysha Ingar – Founder & CEO
  • Marzouk Ingar – CFO & Team manager
  • Tasnia Choudhury – Social Media Officer
  • Piyush Sutariya – Software Engineer

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