A virtual reality museum built by children’s imagination.


Musemio addresses the need of children and families lacking exposure to cultural experiences from trustworthy sources, valuable knowledge of the world they live in which helps shape globally-minded citizens of tomorrow.
Immersive quests enable cultural institutions to reach audiences in all-new exciting ways by providing convenient access to historic, scientific, and artistic educational content that parents value and kids love.


Created in house, from storyboard to final tech, Musemio builds mobile and VR adventures inspired by cultural partners’ themes and objectives. With the simplicity of a mobile tablet and smartphone application, children become explorers from the convenience of their own home and learn concepts through play.


Musemio is situated in the K12 EdTech market valued at around $187B.
Our SAM is 50% of TAM (8-12 year old primary school children) of which 55% have access to the internet to use Musemio and 20% of the remaining market speaks English. Therefore our SAM is 5% of our TAM, or $8.4B.


Google Female Founders Residency Programme
Educate Ed-Ward for Educational Research
Fareena Baig Social Impact Award
UCL Most Promising Startup 2019
Cass Insight Lab (Investor’s Choice & Best Pitch)
Finalist in regional GB Entrepreneur Young Entrepreneur category
Sky Women in Technology Scholarship
Supported by Bethnal Green Ventures and London&Partners


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UN Sustainable Development Goals

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