State of the art AI driven decision support software for doctors and pharma.


Metadvice is solving the pain point of the widening innovation gap between medical science and clinical practice. Firstly this results in the inability of doctors to keep up with new medical information and treatment options and thus decreased clinical efficiency, poorer treatment choices and outcomes for patients; limited insights into responsive versus non-responsive patients for pharmaceutical companies. Resulting in ineffective trials, poor market penetration of novel therapeutics and increased costs to payers.

We uncovered this problem through years of experience in the medical and life science industry as well as through personal experience of friends passing due to improper care.


We serve doctors and pharma, who struggle to keep up with the avalanche of new incoming information about diagnosis and therapy of patients with complex diseases. Our decision support platform offers our users precise, refined diagnosis and therapy recommendations, and rationale for those, by using neural networks to extract information from the latest clinical guidelines and patient data.


The initial target customer are clinics where doctors and pharma are eager to test AI applications for improved decision making in poorly managed complex diseases. There is no established market for AI-enabled decision support systems as these technologies are still nascent. The closest related markets are electronic medical record systems, UK market of over £150M, global market of over $10B, leading vendors are Epic and Cerner; EMR-adjunct technologies, e.g. Optum’s Scriptswitch and FDB’s Optimize Rx; and data analytics providers, UK market is £366M, and globally £7.2B growing at over 22% CAGR. All of the above adjacent markets contain potential future licensors or acquirers of our technology rather than direct competitors as they don’t have their own AI capabilities.


Innovate UK
Johnson&Johnson Innovation JLABS Immunology Innovations QuickFire Challenge: Precision Medicine in Immune-Mediated Disease
Sussex ICS Diagnostics Hub Funding


  • Prof Richard Barker – Founder & CEO
  • Natalie Pankova – COO
  • Andre Jaun – Co-Founder & CTO
  • Serge Umansky – Co-Founder & Board Member
  • Dr Jonathan Serjeant – Clinical & Strategy Director
  • Prof Andrew Krentz – Cardiometabolic Lead

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