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We are the medical Google, a directory to all courses and conferences.


During medical school, we discovered that medical professionals encounter two major problems when working on their professional development: spending countless hours searching for courses and conferences across social media, emails and posters scattered across the internet; and spending even more time organising their portfolio.

Currently, professionals store records in emails, physical drives and a host of cloud services whilst hoarding paper copies. As a consequence, they lose records. We found students across the country to experience the same issues. We surveyed how courses are discovered; the most popular route was word of mouth, and this led to missed opportunities due to a lack of awareness.


Providing medical professionals with an online portfolio for career progression. MediGate offers our customers a reliable source to seek career progressing opportunities, freeing up time that is otherwise spent on personal administration. We offer a platform to search for opportunities with a personal account to log all milestones.


The target market for our venture is the medical education and healthcare industry; we are targeting all medical professionals in the UK, which includes over 150,000 registered doctors and over 39,990 medical students. They are the consumers who are in need of the MediGate’s personalised search engine and portfolio system.

Our market expands to Medical institutions who wish to advertise events to targeted professionals who are seeking specialist events.
Medical Schools that are using paper-based logbooks to track student progression and training prior to qualification, they are also consumers as we provide a secure and digitised option. If the market were to be captured completely, then a market potential for MediGate is over £1.1 Million.


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