Mappin Technologies

Revolutionising internal navigation through smart building digital ecosystems.


Large indoor venues are resource-intensive and time-consuming to manage and maintain. Hundreds of thousands of pounds are spent annually per institution on asset tracking and staff and contractor management. All the while, sales and marketing opportunities are missed due to a lack of data insights into the spaces usage.


Mappin Technologies create smart building digital ecosystems to revolutionise the way buildings are used and managed: a software infrastructure that generates 3-D models of building internal layouts. Providing a backbone which various tools can be implemented, including: asset tracking, space monitoring, user navigation and more.


In the UK alone, the facilities management market is valued at over £100 billion, while the indoor navigation market alone is predicted to reach $43.5 billion globally by 2025. Our competitors are a handful of small to medium sized companies who are only testing narrow applications on a small scale.


Mappin Technologies have recently joined Geovation PropTech Accelerator as they deploy indoor positioning to aid facilities managers tackle COVID-19 congestion within indoor premisses.


  • Guglielmo Reggio, CEO
  • Dominic Rodriguez, CTO
  • Giulio Coppola, COO

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