Mappin Technologies

Blending software with physical spaces to grow the value of real estates.


Management of large public premises – museums, universities, airports, conference centres, exc. – is extremely time-consuming and resource-intensive. Visitors are unable to navigate the space and get lost, necessitating direct assistance from staff; space is not distributed in the most profitable way in the absence of exact data on footfall; maintenance issues or safety risks are notified inefficiently to staff, endangering visitor welfare. 


Mappin develops software for large premises visitors and management, combining:

  • Visitor smartphone app, offering indoor navigation support (“Google maps for indoors”), facilitating accessibility and a direct line to notify staff of risks arising in the space;
  • Location data analytics software, processing the anonymous data on user flow generated by the visitor app to inform space and staff allocation for sales, marketing, energy, and security strategies in the space.


UK computer-aided facilities management market valued at $3.95bn in 2020, projected to grow to 2025 at CAGR 10.6%. Market driven by increasing urbanisation and reliance on digital tools to perform tasks, as well as developments in IoT.


Mappin Technologies have recently joined Geovation PropTech Accelerator as they deploy indoor positioning to aid facilities managers tackle COVID-19 congestion within indoor premises. Mappin Technologies won the July 2020 David Walsh scholarship for entrepreneurial leadership.


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