Born from a simple desire to better understand the things we buy, and feel good about buying them.


Mamoq is an online fashion marketplace bringing together over 60 style-forward brands that share a commitment to sustainability and ethics.


Just as we witnessed a revolution in the food industry that saw organic and
fairtrade items soar, we are seeing a similar market shift in the fashion
industry today. Mamoq caters to the growing consumer segment of shoppers
who want to know the story, origin and impact of their fashion choices.


Our target market are UK Women between 25-39 in the LOHAS segment
(Lifestyle of Health & Sustainability). In the UK, women spend an average of
£972 on clothing per year while men spend £1,380.


  • Madeline Petrow. CEO, Head of Impact & Strategy
  • Lenny Leemann, Chief Product Officer

Website and social media

MAMOQ website
MAMOQ instagram

UN Sustainable Development Goals

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