The first comprehensive at-home male fertility testing service.


There is an emerging and unexplained trend across the developed world of declining male fertility. Sperm counts have halved in the western world in the past 40 years, currently one in twelve men are sub-fertile, yet many are unaware of the issue and as a result it is not discussed enough. Of the 150+ men that we surveyed, one was aware of his fertility status. Research suggests male fertility can be improved with lifestyle interventions. Unfortunately, these often take time and therefore early detection is hugely beneficial. We allow men to understand their fertility status and make informed lifestyle decisions to maintain, improve and optimise their fertility health. We aim to build a valuable longitudinal dataset, allowing for research around infertility, comorbidities and interventions.


Supporting young men and couples who want a family in the future. Malebox offers our customer the first comprehensive at home male fertility test. We empower men to take control of their fertility health, by educating them to make informed lifestyle decisions to optimise and track their fertility health.


We will target every man who hopes to have a child in the future and is unaware of his fertility. We can provide men with information to make informed lifestyle decisions to take responsibility for, improve, maintain or optimise their fertility. Secondary markets include any procedure that may require semen analysis (e.g. vasectomy). Initially we will focus specifically on a sub-section of this market, with lower customer acquisition costs – UK Couples who are struggling to conceive and men who are planning conception in the next couple of years. The male infertility market is valued at $5.1bn globally, however we believe we are also very closely aligned to the femtech market (approx. 10x larger), as targeting the female partners will form a significant part of our marketing campaign.


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