Delivering specialist East Asian products to your doorstep.


Many people who migrate into London from East Asia often find themselves homesick, or wanting to cook food from their hometown, but obtaining the necessary ingredients often involves a commute or a stressful shopping experience in a crammed, busy and congested oriental supermarket.
A survey we carried out found that 79% of customers said that they could not find what they were looking for in traditional British supermarkets and 39% stated that they aren’t even aware that there are online alternatives. Unfortunately, these current online alternatives either cater solely to the Chinese market (interface and language are in Mandarin) or they only offer non-perishables such as tinned or dried food and have unfavourable delivery options such as delivery in 3-5 working days.


We provide East Asian international students, families and office workers a simple way of accessing the goods that they would easily find in their home country. MaiFresh delivery offers our customers convenience, simplicity and ease through a website connecting them with retailers where they can get all the things they need to make them feel at home.


Our initial target customers are East Asian families, students and office workers. In a 2011 census taken by the British Government, we found that this makes up roughly 7% of the Central London population which is about 700,000 people. This number accounts for British East Asians only, once we include non-British citizens the total niche market size is roughly 950,000, although it could be greater when factoring the rise in globalisation since 2011.

Our platform is not limited to East Asians only, there is a large number of non-East Asians who are interested in international cuisine who will also benefit from our platform. In the future, once we bring other business sectors onto our platform our market size will grow even larger.


  • Victor Lim – Founder & CEO
  • Park Sheen Chan – Co-Founder & COO
  • Yi Ren Sum – CTO
  • Imran Teh Islahuddin – CMO

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