Saving the lives of pregnant women globally by connecting patients to healthcare professionals.


99% of maternal deaths happen in the developing world. 90% of these are preventable. One of the biggest issues is lack of access to healthcare due to poverty and poor infrastructure. This means that countless lives are lost from not having access to simple and effective healthcare monitoring and interventions.


MaaConnect is a digital platform which lets medical staff track a woman’s journey through pregnancy, store their medical history, schedule future appointments and recognise serious problems. If the mother is unwell, such as with a life-threatening infection or bleed, medical staff can use MaaConnect to call for emergency help.


All Governments must reach the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), including on maternal health. We hope to license our software to governments and healthcare organisations. In addition, our data can be used to generate statistical reports and summaries, which can be made available to relevant stakeholders via a subscription-based model.


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UN Sustainable Development Goals

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