An easy and money-saving way to lower your carbon footprint.


People do actually try to buy more secondhand because they know how good it is for the planet. However, there’s too many sites. Finding the best deal usually means lots of open browser tabs. You might find the best deal on a book on eBay one day, and then on GumTree another day. People want a centralised platform.


Serving Gen-Z and Millennials who want to buy more sustainably but struggle because of a lack of disposable income and they find it to be a hassle. Our search platform offers users an easy and money-saving way to lower their carbon footprint by making the entire secondhand market easy to navigate and searchable in one click.


According to European Valuations, the secondhand market was to hit $100B worldwide in 2019. It’s also set for double digit growth across all product categories, with Fashion in the lead, set to double in 3 years. Despite growth, the market is “still maturing” and very fractured, in very good shape for innovation and centralisation. In comparison, online takeaway was in the same position previously but now has JustEat and Deliveroo. Target users: Group A: More ideologically aligned, eco-conscious shoppers. Social media savvy, living an “eco-minimalist” lifestyle. Between 19-29 years old, largely female. Sub-group: Vegans, broke students Group B: Very price and value conscious, 35+ years olds, largely male. Mostly after electronics. Sub-group: “DIY-ers”.


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