Live More Health

Improving health outcomes in psychiatric hospitals with tailored exercise, culinary medicine & world class art.


Statistically, people with severe mental illness die 20 years younger than remaining population. This is largely because of poor physical heath caused by sedentary lifestyles and inadequate nutrition.


Live More improves patient and staff health by implementing lifestyle psychiatry through tailored exercise programmes, culinary medicine & teaching how to cook healthy food in ward kitchens, and transforming hospital gym environments with world class art.

The culinary medicine is delivered through collaboration with Doctors Kitchen

The art through collaboration with artist Rebecca Bryne.

Live More has helped to reduce violence by 30% in PICU quality improvement work.


Mental Health Hospitals


We have won 9 awards since 2018. Matt Waugh founded was awarded a 2020 Winston Churchill Fellowship The Churchill Fellowship will fund Matt to travel across Australia, learning from experts in lifestyle psychiatry (exercise & diet) to help implement and scale in the UK

Matt is on the NHS Clinical Entrepreneurs Programme.


  • Matt Waugh, Founder
  • Dr Sridevi Kalidindi CBE, Adviser
  • Dr Brendon Stubbs, Adviser
  • Dr Joseph Firth, Adviser

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