Connecting businesses and charities for corporate social responsibility and impact.


More than 75% of UK companies contribute to charities by donating, raising funds, or volunteering, and CSR is increasingly recognised as crucial to a company’s image. Yet, there is no digital tool for organising and promoting these activities internally to employees and externally to customers.


On KindLink, we match our 1,500+ charities with companies and individuals who have the resources to help. Whether businesses are looking for a volunteering activity for their staff, or want to browse ways to give in their local communities, they can easily pledge their support and get their colleagues to help charities in minutes by searching our database of over 1,700 calls for help.


We target any business that supports charities causes in the UK and US. The ideal business client has more than 200 employees. There are not rival products comparable to ours, however, companies easily spent between £1,000-£6,000 per year for fundraising fees on more expensive platforms.


Featured on the BBC
Top 10-SME of 2017 from Digital Leaders
Three nominations for Federation of Small Businesses Awards


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UN Sustainable Development Goals

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