Kami (previously Kami Coach)

A digital coach that helps new and expectant parents with their most important job – raising children.


The transition to parenthood is tough. Parents struggle getting the support needed for them and their children to thrive. New parents average less than 5 hours sleep per night, 40% struggle with breastfeeding, and 1 in 3 suffer from poor mental health. Research shows this often leads to poor early child development, diminished engagement and motivation at work following parental leave. 77% felt their employers could do more to help parents and reduce significant costs in discrimination claims, grievances, falling productivity and lost talent. Timely access to trusted information, emotional and logistical support and professional support (sleep and lactation consultants) are key enablers of a positive parenthood transition, early childhood outcomes & improved work engagement and retention.


We support parents transitioning to parenthood. The first 1000 days are crucial in determining family outcomes. Kami’s platform offers a digital coaching companion that helps parents become their child’s best first teacher. Combining the power of human expertise, big data and machine learning provides accessible and affordable instant support, then long-term access to personalised care for parents


2.8 million UK people become parents each year. Since 2019 organisations have been subject to government-led reforms for employer facilitated parental support. New legislation extends the statutory support period for parents to two years post birth, while employers are now expected to actively and effectively demonstrate their support for parents in order to maintain Investor in People (IIP) status. Maternity-related issues cost companies c.£279 million per year, while annual costs to the economy are £8bn. Kami enables UK employers to effectively support and keep in touch with their parental workforce. Explosive growth of demand in the new parent market for products and services (£500M invested in the last 6 years) in this area due to 110% y-o-y CAGR in the number of millennial parents.


MSDUK Startup of the Year (2021)
Zenith Global Health Mental Health and Wellbeing (2021)


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