Haule is the marketplace for a new generation of homemakers, we bring together the best of vintage homeware – best for people, best for planet. 


Haule was inspired by co-founders Georgie and Katie’s own experiences furnishing their apartments, they wanted to buy second-hand for both affordability and sustainability. Struggling to find a platform we loved they decided to set up our own!

Haule is made for buyers who feel uninspired by cheap, mass-produced furniture but lack the time to search endlessly to find hidden vintage gems.

Haule also has an environmental mission, in the UK each year 22 million pieces of furniture are thrown away and most end up in landfill. We are creating a circular economy to fight the issue of fast furniture.


Haule connects like-minded people to create a circular economy to reduce waste and fight fast furniture. As a specialist marketplace dedicated to homeware and furniture Haule has four USPs that make us stand out from competitors in the market: curation, content, convenience and community.


We have been awarded two grants for UEA’s Enterprise Scheme (£2,000 & £7,500). We have also recently secured a Convertible Loan Agreement of £50,000 from the same organisation.


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UN Sustainable Development Goals

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