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Using innovative materials and player-first design to make advanced, lightweight protection for the modern cricket player.


Despite the changing game, cricket safety equipment has remained largely unaltered. Evidence has highlighted a new risk of traumatic head injuries to bowlers whereby, between 2016-18, 3 times as many head injuries occurred in the professional game due to the lack of protective-wear worn at the risk of impacting their performance.


We provide cricket players, who need advanced, cutting-edge protective wear to meet the increasingly serious risks of the modern game. Our innovative cricket protective wear offers our customers enhanced protection that allows them to maximise their performance without fear of significant injury by using technology-driven materials and player-first product design.


Cricket is a global sport, with an audience of 2.5bn. It is a growing market, valued at $320.3m USD in 2020, expected to reach $363.5m USD by 2026 (CAGR of 1.8% 2021–26). Our target customer is UK cricket players and our venture would bring much needed innovation to protective wear that has lagged behind the game’s modernisation. Our venture is not solely applicable to one segment of the cricket market. The technology is applicable across men’s, women’s and junior formats both in the professional game and at amateur levels. It also presents a truly incremental opportunity to grow into the global cricket market. In addition, we have identified that our unique technology could also apply very well to other sports and sectors, including hockey, cycling, lacrosse and baseball, to name a few.


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