Wearable technologies that turn your movements and touch into music.


Music instrument learning, playing, and purchasing all have a steep curve. You can spend dollars on an app to learn music with two fingers on a touch screen. Or you can spend hundreds or thousands next to ten years mastering a traditional musical instrument. With wearable technology and digital music, why is the digital music industry still so 2-dimensional, and why does the traditional music industry remain near unobtainable?


We’ve simply created a musical instrument that produces user-intended sounds and effects based on their user-defined gestures of movement and touch. Music-making now becomes a personal experience whereby users can still learn about how to make music but do so using their own sensitive and advanced gesture controls.


Our early adopters have largely been entry-level musicians and other performing artists such as dancers (judging from our 2019 US$180K-raised Kickstarter). The later users who are half still on the fence are more interested in the advanced uses of the device, such as in music production however, we intend to boost the general-consumer market of entry-level users for now (keeping the device simple and productive).


Kickstarter 2019 $180K, successful recipients of both the King’s20 Soyoye Tech Awards for Innovation Award & the Stefan Allesch-Taylor awards, Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks.


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