Girls United Football Association

Empowering girls and women in local communities, on and off the pitch.


Due to negative stereotypes and limiting gender roles, girls and women do not have access to the same opportunities, resulting in gender gaps that go beyond the pitch and into society.


We provide girls and young women with spaces that are safe, inclusive and engaging for them to participate in sport. In these spaces, we deliver football programmes that, through the Girls United Methodology, provide transferable skills and enable players to chase their dreams, on and off the pitch. By transforming these individuals, we promote gender equality in the wider community, challenging limiting notions ingrained in society.


“Almost 30 years after the inaugural Women’s World Cup in China in 1991, women’s football has exhibited spectacular development. Levels of participation, competitiveness, global awareness and exposure have grown at an unexpected, swift pace in recent years, while major domestic and international tournaments offer good football, eliciting passion and excitement, as well as growing commercial appeal.” – KPMG, Football Benchmark


Featured on ESPN, Copa90 and This Fan Girl
MassChallenge Accelerator
EY Foundation’s Accelerate Programme
MX Finalists in 2018


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UN Sustainable Development Goals

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