Supercharge your product development workflow with targeted, in context feedback, annotations and discussions.


Developing complex digital products like apps and websites involves a lot of communication, feedback and idea generation. Often, this communication ends up scattered across too many channels and places which significantly decreases productivity of design teams. What’s worse, designer teams waste too much time figuring out what their clients really mean and how to address it which further slows down project delivery times.


Focus allows design teams to collaborate internally and with external clients in real-time by bringing all feedback, discussions and ideas into their context, right within the designs. It’s the end of endless email threads, outdated PDF annotations and miscommunication.


Our market predominantly consists of UI/UX design teams and product teams working on digital products and screen media. From solo freelancers to large organisations, Focus is designed to fit teams of any size.


Stefan Allesch-Taylor Scholarship
Soyoye Grant
Adobe Fund for Design


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UN Sustainable Development Goals

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