Helping students understand their skills and aspirations, and put them in front of the people who want to recruit them.


The soft skills gap young people face entering employment and building their futures. Universities are under great pressure to prove value for the degree, whilst 50% of graduate recruiters believe students applications lack the skills required to work for them, despite each hire costing £7,000+.


We transform the student body of colleges and universities into highly employable young leaders, ready to shape the workforce tomorrow. Edvent is a SaaS platform that allows universities to take charge of developing students’ soft skills, whilst giving recruiters clear access to the best talent for the best price.


Global university market and entire youth education market, ranging from schools to charities. Universities will spend tens of thousands on enterprise developing societies, and corporates £7,000+ per new hire they bring into the business


  • Mark Corbertt – Founder

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UN Sustainable Development Goals

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