Giving eczema sufferers the power to take greater control of their condition and enjoy a better quality of life.


A flare-up can be very uncomfortable, with people experiencing dry, sensitive, itchy and inflamed skin. Scratching can deteriorate the skin, making it darker, rough and scaly. Through extensive conversations with patients and dermatologists, we have discovered that relentless itching reduces sleep quality and the rash-like appearance on the skin can affect a person’s emotional well-being.


We serve people suffering from eczema who want to track their symptoms and predict flare-ups before they occur. Our AI-supported digital health application offers our users the power to take greater control of their condition and enjoy a better quality of life through our severity classifier, predictive algorithm, and symptom tracker.


Eczema can be an immense financial burden to the 15 million people living with the condition nationally. One in every four eczema sufferers miss out on at least 6 workdays every year, and eczema can cost an extra £827 in out-of-pocket expenses annually. Given the high costs, there is a clear demand for more efficient eczema management.

Eczamine will target:

  1. Newly diagnosed patients who want to manage their condition better
  2. Patients with chronic eczema who want more efficient ways of symptom tracking
  3. Patients with severe eczema who are experiencing constant cycles of flare-ups
  4. Parents of children with eczema.

As we grow our community, we eventually hope to tap into the $20Billion global dermatology market and become the digital companion for all dermatological needs.


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