dotte (Previously Nurture)

The UK’s fully circular peer-to-peer marketplace where parents can buy, sell, donate and recycle all in one place.


Parents want products that promise the best for their baby but are also design-conscious, yet baby products are never both.


We are bringing the joy of discovery to second hand kidswear.  A community of inspirational parents opening up thousands of children’s wardrobes to make shopping second hand feel brand new. A one-stop-shop where parents can feel the joy of extending the lifecycle of all their children’s outgrown clothes – even the most over loved ones.


The UK secondhand kidswear marketplace is currently worth £800m.  Resale is exploding right now and is predicted to grow by 70% in the next year alone.  In the next ten years, it’s set to be twice as big as fast fashion.


David Walsh Scholarship and Allesch-Taylor Scholarship.


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UN Sustainable Development Goals

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