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Online platform to legally store, monitor and protect Intellectual Property (IP) infringements for the music industry.


The problem of music leak and music IP infringements have always been huge problems in music industry. There is no cost-effective way to save the creation process from leak. There is no cheap easy way to detect music stealing.


Deus Vaults offer a secure way to store your documents throughout the stages of your creation process, which can be used as evidence in court cases of copyright infringement. We also offer a monitoring feature that scans the internet to find possible intellectual property violations and cost-effective legal services at a moment’s notice


Last year British music labels and musicians spent £443M on IP protection in Kobalt, they even contribute more to the law firms. We are going to provide a more cost-effective and time-efficient solution specifically for the music industry, independant musicians and music labels.


  • Joey Shang (founder & CEO)
  • Yuan Li (CTO)
  • Rubens Fournis (Marketing Manager)
  • Angela Chen (Creative Manager)
  • Marcella Barata Reis (Analyst)

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