Helping buildings cope with ever-increasing online shopping deliveries.


Online shopping has been growing 19% year-on-year since 2014. Between 2018 and 2025, the number of delivered parcels is predicted to increase from 85 Billion to over 200 Billion. The trend will continue to grow as online-shopping has only achieved 15% market penetration as a percentage of all retail. Due to the increase in deliveries, building managers are struggling to manage the volume of parcels arriving at their buildings. Symptomatic of this delivery increase are the loss of parcels and the exorbitant amounts of time reception and mailroom staff spend daily managing parcels.


Parcel Tracker is an Internal parcel tracking software for residential, student housing, co-working offices, universities and more. Quickly scan packages received at the reception/mailroom using a smartphone camera, automatically notify recipients and collect their e-signatures for proof-of-pickup. Works with all couriers and hand-written parcel labels.


Every building with a reception or mailroom could benefit from Parcel Tracker. The market for internal parcel management systems in the UK and USA alone is estimated at £1.5 Billion annually. Deepfinity’s initial target market includes Student Housing, Co-living, Built-to-Rent, Co-working, and Office buildings. This will be expanded to all residential and commercial buildings.


Soyoye Tech Innovation
Allesch-Taylor Scholarship
45,000+ Parcels Scanned Monthly
30+ Customers and 19,000 Users


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UN Sustainable Development Goals

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