Creature Pictures

Bridging the gap between traditional film production processes with emerging technology.


Creature Pictures has identified a gap in the market. The demand for entertainment has exploded. Specifically, media that incorporates visual effects and animation at affordable rates. Historically, these services were out of the price range for a majority of smaller boutique production companies. Our team specializes in using high-end solutions catering towards smaller, independent projects that require the flexibility to produce top tier projects that meet industry standards.


Creature Pictures produce story-driven film and video projects. Their passion and drive have led to the creation and distribution of eye-catching advertisements, films, and documentaries. What makes them stand out above the competition is the ability to integrate the latest technology and hardware into the production pipeline. This Creature Pictures the flexibility to work in different creative fields such as in the Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and video game industries.


  • Elvis León – Founder
  • Simon Legrand – Visual Effects Supervisor

UN Sustainable Development Goals

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