C the Signs

Fighting cancer with early diagnosis.


Cancer is the 2nd leading cause of death worldwide. Early stage detection has the best chances of cure, yet half of all patients are still diagnosed in the late stages. Diagnosing cancer early is extremely difficult. There are over 200 types of cancer; affecting anyone, at anytime, anywhere in the body.


C the Signs is a clinical platform that uses artificial intelligence mapped with the latest evidence to help healthcare professionals identify patients at risk of cancer at the earliest and most survivable stage of the disease. 


C the Signs has won multiple awards including the AbilityNetTech4Good Award, for contributing to the fight against cancer using innovative technology. It was also awarded £1m in funding from the Small Business Research Initiative for Health care to revolutionise cancer survival in the UK. Most recently Dr Bhavagaya Bakshi has been choosen as an Obama Leader for her committment to driving transformation change in communities in Europe, and throughout the world.


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