bundle_be aims to help businesses become fully remote and highly efficient.


On-boarding and off-boarding employees takes a significant amount of company time and resources, causing days of lost productivity. Glassdoor found it can take up to 8 months for employees to become productive in their new role. With the growing popularity of remote work, a business can focus on talent acquisition by automating most of the toil of setting up their remote workstation.


We serve SMEs wanting to go remote. Our platform offers our customer a unified remote workspace, centralising business tools, maintaining and improving social interactions between employees and on-boarding and off-boarding users quickly. We achieve this by enabling companies to clearly define what tools they use, seeing the total cost of these and offering an enterprise tool marketplace.


The market for our venture are fully remote businesses focusing on improving their on-boarding workflow or semi-remote companies looking to become fully remote. Our initial target customers are SMEs (e.g. startups, charities, etc.), expanding into larger enterprises. The purpose behind focusing on SMEs first is that they are more likely to use web-based tools in comparison to larger companies which prefer custom-built tools that would be harder to centralise. In the 2020 Buffer ‘State of Remote Working’ survey 98% of respondents stated they would like to work remotely. Therefore, there is a growing demand for businesses to transition too remote working quickly and efficiently, providing an opportunity for our platform to help more businesses go remote than ever before.


UN Sustainable Development Goals

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