Innovative technology enabling high-quality immersive audio content.


The emergence of XR has been propelled by unprecedented progress in visual/display technologies. These enable the presentation of visual content in a manner capable of transporting users to an alternate reality. Immersive audio technologies, however, haven’t fundamentally evolved since the 1970s. The production of high-quality immersive audio content is still an expensive painstaking process and results are just a symbolic representation of a desired acoustic reality.

Solution offers innovative solutions that enable achieving high-quality auditory immersion by means of easy-to- use, low-complexity, scalable, reconfigurable, and transportable systems, and thus facilitate unprecedented levels of inclusion of creative talent and audiences. We have invented a technology for real time synthesis of high-quality dynamic soundscapes and a novel surround sound format which can be used for larger scale installations and performances robust to audience movements.

Market address several markets. Sound design software: the total addressable market is $80M. Audio for film, TV and home entertainment, with $1.3B TAM. Audio for gaming/VR/AR: successful independent companies generate $10-25M revenues, but the market is much larger since largest game producers have their in-house solutions. Spatial awareness and gaming/VR/AR capabilities are increasingly important for mobile phones, with device sales exceeding $500B in 2019. There will be 7B smart phone users by 2025, however, information on revenues from audio software only is unavailable.


  • Zoran Cvetkovic, co-founder and CEO
  • Enzo De Sena, co-founder and CTO
  • Huseyin Hacihabiboglu, co-founder

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UN Sustainable Development Goals

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